Friday, September 12, 2014


It was about 3 weeks ago when I had a sleepover streak at Sera's. We are both always so busy with our own lives- I have school with sometimes crazy workload and she has her online store to attend to single-handedly *cough Infinitepixie cough check it out cough*. It felt pretty great to spend almost a week 'living' with her and actually focussing on our lives as best friends.

Look at how comfy her bed is! The only problem I had with her place was that her pillows were too low and soft and that made me wake up with stiff necks but I've brought over my trusty D.V pillow that she bought for me from Thailand(love it to death pls) and it's just been a great experience then.

Just me doing school work while she's watching TV. She cooked dinner for the both of us! Sweet potato fries, quinoa with worcestershire chicken and tons of greens. Yummy! 


Very happy that my skin condition improved GREATLY over the last 2 months just by drinking green tea all day everyday and making sure that I wash my face for a monimum of 40-45 seconds. Happy days.


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