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Phuket Vibes

May 13 - May 17

Booked an amazing room at Cape Sienna and not regretting it! M and I decided to go overseas to celebrate a whole year of tolerating each other hahaha and that week was coincidentally his POP week off. Quite image heavy so I've decided to break it so hit the jump for more Phuket vibes!

Don't think there is any lobby view that can beat Cape Sienna's for now. Upon arriving we had to take a lift to the lobby and when the lift door opened my face went from (-.-) to (o.o)!!! Greeted with cold towels and refreshing tea. The staff were very nice and we were asked to relax in the lobby while they helped us check in. Oh! We were also asked to choose the fragrance we would like for our bath amenities. We chose lemongrass! No regrets!

You know that's the best thing about this hotel? NO KIDS ALLOWED! This was what they wrote on their website :

Looking for a completely relaxing place to lie back and enjoy the peaceful and quiet holiday you have worked hard all year to take on Phuket? To relax in chic luxury safe in the knowledge your revere will not be shattered by noisy, over-excited children also enjoying their holiday but at a different decibel level?
Look no more. You have found it at Cape Sienna Hotel & Villas—one of Phuket's very few ADULTS preferred hotels.
For someone who is very afraid of kids, you have no idea how excited & relieved I was to read that!

We booked the 'Sea View Jacuzzi Deluxe' room for 4 nights. Was very impressed with the towel elephants lol. The bathroom was pretty okay but the outdoor jacuzzi hit home-run! Never failed to use it everyday! Didn't plan anything for the first day we arrived so we just took a stroll along the beach to see what's up then went back to relax in the tub while watching the sun set. Had fine dining for dinner that night. Our hotel is situated in Kamala Beach, which is considerably cleaner and quieter than Patong. Good thing is, the hotel provides a shuttle bus to Patong in the afternoon and then picks us up at night!

Below is the view we had from our balcony during the day and when the sun is setting.

The reason why we dined here was because of their 'Sala' table. Isn't it amazing? I was so amazed with the ambiance that I forgot to take photos of the restaurant! So these two photos above were taken from their website. They look exactly the same as how they look in real life-right down to the table setting and all 1:1!

Overall the food was great. The main stars of the dinner was the truffle mushroom soup and the curry. I made the mistake of ordering truffle risotto(cream soup then cream main) which made me too full to really savor the desserts we ordered. The lava cake was quite good but the tiramisu was a disappointment. I hate it when people use cream instead of cream cheese or mascarpone. It's really easy to make, so I don't get why restaurants always fuck it up. Sorry, bitchy rant here. Move along!

If my memory serves me well, we went to Patong the next day! It wasn't until I stepped onto Patong beach that I realized that Patong was waaaaaaay noisier and litter was everywhere! Extremely overcrowded though there are more water sports here which wasn't really my thing(can't swim). Oh by the way, if you're looking to find some recreational hoo-has here, approach any of the water sports guys and they will hook you up. Just be careful not to get scammed. Some of them give you shitty stuff thinking you're a stupid tourist. Night life here is much busier too so if you're more into partying every night, Patong is probably more suitable place to stay at for you.

We mostly just shopped around for souvenirs for our friends and had a massage. Never managed to watch any of those tiger shows because M thought they were disgusting so I had to ditch the idea of watching one. Oh well, next time!

I swear these guys are like ninjas. Every time we leave the room even fore just a short while, we come back to our room neat and tidy. At night they also burn scented oil(fragrance of your choice) which makes the room smells so good! They also sometimes leave good night cards with a small note inside. Creepy, but me likey.

3rd day was our island tour! We paid for a pricier tour to go to prettier islands further away and we're really glad that we did! Saw some boats that were really crammed with people and they seem to take a different route from us too. Our boat had about 15-18 people and everyone had enough space to sit down properly. They also provided us lunch and tons of snacks on board too! They even served us fresh fruit that was cold! Not sure if it is the norm with island tour guides but I'm just glad that ours did.

They also provided very experienced guides that speak different languages to cater to tourists who can make good jokes. Overall it was really fun! Everyone on the boat was very cheery. Even met some Singaporeans on board too!

Tried snorkeling and I finally understand why it's so addictive and why my friends are all so crazy over it and diving! It was magical.. Really wished I had heeded my sister's advice to earn a diver's certificate. It struck me so hard when I'm underwater that it was a whole other world. So quiet, beautiful and serene.

Only sad thing about the trip was that everyone got tanned and burned but I didn't!? I know it sounds weird but I just really looked forward to being tanned and even burned. I even made an effort to sit in front of the boat where it's unsheltered!! No effect!

Then it was time to go back to our hotel room. Managed to catch the sunset. M & I try our best to catch the sunsets everyday there because we don't get any of this in Singapore cause I live on ground level and I guess M's view is blocked by other HDBs?

When the sun is gone the sky sometimes become bubblegum colored. Really, really amazing. Was worth every penny paying for the room.

Did some light reading before walking down to the beach to grab dinner and a massage. We went for massages everyday lol it's a must when you are in Thailand. Also, I find that trannies are always much better in manicures/pedicures! They just know more than most women do! Went to a massage place and saw a tranny and was like *Snap* "One mani-pedi please!" and it became our regular place for our whole trip.

For our 4th day we just walked along the beach to grab lunch and chilled by the infinity pool. I did some tanning and M did some sleeping haha. They made the whole place look like a beach too with sand! Don't really understand why they had two swimming pools but we only visited this one - Sienna Rock.

My view when I look up, and my view when I look forward. Can't really ask for more, can I?

Grabbed dinner by the beach again, there's so many restaurants that we dine at a different one most of the time. It's really nice to feel the sea breeze and hear the sound of the waves crashing while enjoying food. It's really something I'd give up a lot of things to have. I love the smell of the sea. Dad used to bring us to the beach every weekend and the smell/atmosphere is just so comforting and nostalgic?

For our last day we had breakfast by the beach, strolled around, went for more massages and caught the last sunset here.

If this trip looked boring to you, then I guess I might be getting old.. But M & I are a very chill(I suppose) couple. Nothing too crazy or adventurous. M slept so much the masseuses were amazed and asked me if it was normal(LOL, we spend a lot of time there). We didn't do much research before we came here and just let the events happen as to how we feel like it. I want my trips to the beaches to feel relaxed and not rushed/packed with sight-seeings and activities.

Oh, did I mentioned that we went during the Songkran festival? I thought they were just spraying water but apparently the Thais like to get creative - ice water, water with flour, coloured water, water bombs etc. We got a little caught in the middle of water fights but it was fun :)

There could've been a lot more detailed photos of the things I have said but I often try my best to not bother too much about taking the perfect photo cause I just want to enjoy the moment and relax. A lot of photos didn't manage to make it here because they were just so badly taken hehe!

So this summarizes my Phuket trip!


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