Friday, August 1, 2014

A day in Johor Bahru (19 July)

The first time I went to JB I just walked around the City Square Mall a little, watched a movie and cabbed to some 'Sentosa' tze char place and that was it! Never got to explore other places. That was 2-3 years ago and I never went back there. So, Sera asked if I wanted to go two weeks ago and why not? She and Wx brought M and I to cool hippie places and I must say that I want to be back there again. EVERYTHING IS SO GOD DAMN CHEAP OMFG.

But of course what's a weekend day in JB without being jammed at customs for 2 hours? It all adds on to the experience!(yeah right)

First stop! Pee! Because no one wants to be in a situation where you have a full bladder and a crappy(literally) toilet is the only toilet you can find. Was brought to this cafe called Roose Juice+Bar for lunch.

Guest starring PB and Marceline hehe

Really cute idea! Sand buckets as cups, cause they're hipster like that. 

Beef Hainanese Noodle. Serving is huge too!

Smoked Duck Rice. They got chunks of duck meat in the rice so the rice tastes of duck too! I know the duck is the frozen kind but it's still awesome.

Chicken chop. Don't let this generic chicken chop on the menu fool you. This shit was so damn good. The skin is crispy and the sauce was great. The sides were normal but the chicken alone is why you should eat it. Too bad I didn't order this! But I had my heaven noodles tho lol.

After lunch we crossed over to the opposite side to this little ice cream place that sells.... Nitrogen ice cream!

Prices all in Ringgit! *yaaaaaaaaaassssss!*

My type of cookie! The flaky kind!

We ordered Vanilla, Chocolate and Cookies&Cream. They were all really good! While Sera and I went outside to sit on the swing the owner of the place actually gave our table some butterscotch ice cream and it was actually the best out of all the flavours available. Too bad I didn't manage to snap a pic of it! But I'll definitely go back there just for that particular flavour.

We then decided to walk around the street to see if there's anything we'd like to come back and visit. There was this lane where they painted the ground with colours and also exhibited art works along the path! Super cool. Also spotted a flea.

Went to City Square and had Nando's for dinner! Surprising they're priced the same in Singapore too but because of the currency... I will never eat Nando's in Singapore ever again. It's just wasting money. I could just cross the border!

We shopped around a little in City Square and then went home. Really enjoyed my day knowing I did not spend over $50SGD eating so much food! Thanks a lot Sera and Wx!



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