Monday, July 21, 2014

The Tiramisu Hero

Started the day off with going to Ikea Alexandra to get a new pillow because my cat pissed on my old one. It was kind of my fault cause the night before I took a late shower and my hair wasn't dried yet but piggy ol' me couldn't wait longer to sleep so I placed my towel on top of my pillow(lol) so it can dry while I sleep. Forgot to remove it the next day and my cat loves to piss on towels and it really did :(

What's going to Ikea without having their meatballs? Was so tempted to order more but knowing I'll have a heavy dinner later with Sera, Weixiong & Marcus, I decided not to. Actually, it was more like I forced myself not to. *sobs*

121 Tyrwhitt Rd, 207548
6292 5271
No reservations allowed

Pretty small cafe, therefore they do not accept reservations so you should probably avoid the peak hour period. One thing I didn't really like about the place was the inconsistencies of the chairs for the outdoor diners which lead to some discomfort. Gives a homey rustic look but comfort-wise, some stools were too small.

Mini Pizza - Hawaiian ($10.5)
Tastes just fine but nothing much to rave about.

Bangers and Mac-&-Cheese ($17)
Also comes with the option of mash potatoes too. Pretty huge portion! I couldn't finish it myself. Sausages were pork, cheese and spicy. Pretty delicious!

Aglio Olio ($14.9)
I've tasted a lot of this dish from tons of places and this was pretty decent. Would have ordered this myself if I wasn't allergic to seafood.

Hero Fun Pun Bun ($9.8)
Lol to the name. Juicy beef, cooked and seasoned well.

They call themselves the tiramisu hero so definitely we have to taste their tiramisu! We got the Original and Milo flavored one! They ran out of Mini-Hero so we got the Momma-Hero sizes($7.5)

Honestly, was extremely disappointed in their original Tiramisu. All I tasted was strong coffee and no cream cheese/mascarpone. The Milo Tiramisu(pictured above) was really good though. So the next time I'm there I'll be sure to order it again and hopefully try their Matcha Tiramisu!

Waffles Woo!($7) with Nutella & Banana ($6.5)
Although it was delicious, it's pretty ridiculous to charge $6.5 just for some banana and nutella. The chocolate sauce was part nutella and part chocolate. I thought it was just dark chocolate sauce at first and said that it was good that it was not so sweet but M corrected me that it was nutella and I was so surprised.

Would definitely be back again but mindful of what dishes to order. Pretty much hit or miss to me for now until I go back again and have been proven wrong. But overall decent and the friendly staff and boss made our experience there quite enjoyable.


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