Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Butter Studio : Jalan Besar

Passed by this little pretty cafe along Jalan Besar every time I take the bus to work but never had the time to visit. Finally got my lazy ass up to do it and I'm sure glad I did! It was a tough day and I figured that a table full of desserts will sure cheer me up. I pulled M with me to split the calorie nuclear bomb(plus he eats everything and never gets fat, pft).

Walked in and a very nice lady greeted us. I think she was the owner and baker since she seems to carry herself in that manner. Anyway, the place was very cosy for small groups(in my opinion) and I love the decorations! Those pretty little things at the shelves are actually for sale so check it out if you want some cool new loots. They got tote-bags, notebooks & other stationary.

Seasalt Caramel Nutella Tart ($6.90)

So good. So so good... I love how they used an oatmeal cracker base cause it just tastes so soooo good!

Won't you look at that sexy, sexy tart.w

Crackly Brownie with Ice Cream ($8)

If you like fudgy brownies this might not be the one for you. Love the combination with the ice cream though. This is my kind of brownie. You get to choose the flavor of your ice cream to go along (I chose Rocky Road)!

Panda & Chocolate cupcakes looked cute. Although to me they just tasted pretty normal, they are still pretty okay. I forgot their pricing on cupcakes but it's not expensive from what I recall.

Closer look at their counter. I'm pretty sure there will be much more stuff during the day like lasagna and whatnot but I arrived at 11:30pm. They close pretty late on weekends! So if you guys want to be fat gluttons and eat awesome desserts late at night, visit :


147 Jalan Besar, (S) 208865
Tel: (65) 6294 7115
Sun - Thurs: 12pm - 10pm
Fri & Sat: 12pm -12mn
Tues (closed)


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