Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Postcards from Sihanouk Ville

Was clearing out my closet around a week ago and found these old postcards that I got from my trip there a few years ago. Never would I have expected it to struck me in such a way that all I could think about right now is wanting to go back for more. I used to visit Cambodia almost every year but now I am getting busier and I have been putting my money into other things. During the start of the year when I was planning my expenses to go to places I told myself that I would give Cambodia a miss again this year because I want to visit places that I've never visited before first and only when I have the extra money, then I will be back.

Apparently it doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon because I can sometimes be quite loose with my spending and I have to put in my money for my birthday and other plans ahead like getting my own EOS M by the end of September. I think I've mentioned a few times before that up until now, at the age of 20(oh god...) I have NEVER owned a personal camera! (Putting aside toy cameras)

I think it can be quite a shocker to some people because I used to post tons of photos in my old blog and they were pretty good quality ones, like those DSLR standard kinds. I used to rent cameras quite a lot because I couldn't afford to pay so much at one shot to get my own camera. So! Since I have tons of friends with their own cameras, I would get them to send it to me. Sometimes it's quite a hassle because I feel like I'm pestering and annoying them to death by always asking them to send the photos to me. I felt pretty shitty sometimes about it and I go about being depressed that I don't have my own camera.

But then again, at that point of time DSLRs were about $1500++ for the body with a pretty good lens and it will be crazy for a 16 year-old to fork out her own money to buy something like that. My dad refuses to get me one because he just doesn't support it. Also, I simply do not have the patience and self control to see over a thousand bucks in my bank and not spend it. Oh Sylv.

Okay this is so off topic lol. Taiwan trip post up next! Stay tuned!


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