Saturday, August 3, 2013

Word Vomit + Recent Updates

Everyone's busy on a Friday night so here I am, about to produce a word vomit. Life has been pretty okay recently. I don't have much to complain about actually & I'm grateful for that because I know I'm the kind of person that whines about everything like why is it so hot? Why is it so cold? Why is the queue moving so slow? Why doesn't this dress come in black? Why isn't my payday here yet? No seriously that dress would look really nice in black why does it not come in black? And it goes on & on & on....

So to remind myself of what I've been doing recently(& to update you guys), I recently have been working a lot back at 4Life. And to be honest I was really glad that I am back there because my switch to Cayman was so horrible. I wasn't even motivated to lift a finger to do work because there were some pretty fucking nasty people there! But on the brighter side, I've made new friends with the cool bunch of girls in the office and they are the go-to people when you want to party and have a fucking good time!

I've been learning how to play the guitar. I'm still really noob at it and my fingers hurt literally all the time like a bitch. There can only be so many times that I want to destroy my guitar like a guitarist in a rock concert for not getting the chords right for a song. I've visited Bangkok & Taiwan(which I will post about soon enough) and have been polishing my Photoshop and pencil skills. I really hope to master the basics of painting because I paint like a 10 year old-something I'm not proud of at all.


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