Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nassim Hill Bakery // Prada

Decided to meet Chermaine last Saturday for brunch! Couldn't decide on any places(and the girl just refuses to eat at Wild Honey), she found this place called Nassim Hill Bakery. Was a bit skeptical at first so I tried to look up for reviews about them to know whats good there to try and after the whole meal, the verdict is that I'm definitely going back there again. I'm quite surprised that it was really quiet on a Saturday afternoon. This place needs more love! I am sure that it is deserving of it!

I'm not sure how we got this bread basket. I'm assuming that this is complimentary to all diners but I'm not regretting that it was on my table because at NHB they make their own bread! Comes with two types of jam and butter on the side.

Ordered the Hot Rueben sandwich and Eggs Benedict and each of us gets one half of a dish. The sandwich was almost god-sent. With sliced corned beef with melted emmental, saurkraut, onions and Russian dressing on our signature Grimbergen Ambrée beer bread. The bread! Never had such a lovely beer bread before. Eggs benedict was also one of the best that I've eaten. I like that it comes with white ciabatta bread instead of english muffins and the hollandaise was the kind sauce that I would want on every dream poached egg.

A closer look at the Eggs Benedict.

yes yes yes!

Really beautiful stained glass

They sell the bread that they make too. Didn't bring any home cause I was too full to think about it.

We then decided to go shopping along Orchard and everywhere was on sale! Didn't stop to rest at all found tons of good buys! Eventually it became too heavy to carry and I remember whining a lot to Chermaine(she thinks I'm weak). My feet was aching :( Luckily M came and all my problems were gone haha. Thanks for carrying all my stuff for me! Then we parted ways and M & I decided to look around for branded wallets.

We eventually ended up in Prada again because he really liked one particular wallet. Couldn't stop smiling looking at him being like a kid in a toy store knowing he's gonna get that one toy he wanted! The will be one more person in the world who will think twice before they sit on their wallets.

Decided to have dinner at Koh Grill and finally tried the Shiok Maki & god dammit it was seriously so shiok lol. Check out my instagram at the side bar to see how awesome it looks like! Booked tickets to watch RED2 and it was quite funny actually. But before that I don't know how M got into my head and I bought a pair of New Balance shoes!? I'm pretty sure I will see alot of the same pair of shoes in Singapore too since I bought it from here.

I usually like to buy my sneakers/trainers overseas because I don't like someone having the same shoe as me. I don't know why but it just ticks me off in a bad way BUT I guess I need to learn to live with it! Unless I design the shoes myself, there is no way no one else in Singapore won't have the same pair since it's meant to be sold to the masses & I think this is a very bad habit!

Anyway, can't wait for tomorrow because I'll be bringing my secondary school art teacher and a friend to Nasim Hill Bakery!


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