Friday, July 26, 2013

Time marches on

Honestly, it's been bothering me a lot that I've been neglecting this space. I keep telling myself "I'll write about it tomorrow" and apparently 'tomorrow' never seems to come for me. And now, I don't even know where to start? I have so much things to blog about but I think that writing about the present now and then doing flashback posts would be neater and easier for me than rummaging through my picture library trying to figure out which event happened first(I have the worst memory ever).

It's July already and I know everyone says this : "Time really passes so fast"

Like boom! Swoosh! It's been already 6 months past my last post about my birthday! I honestly can't believe that it was that fast. Anyway, a lot happened in 6 months; losing friends, gaining new friends, falling in love, work, travel and basically all the yada yada that happens in the life of a 20-year-old. Oh! And I gained weight too SOB SOB SOB. But recently I've been eating healthy and clean so I'm pretty proud of myself in that aspect(except for cheat days). So here I will reward whoever that is reading this deserted place my face :

I've been going with a center parting with my hair these days because I think I've stuck to my old hair parting for so long that the hairline there is getting really obvious and balding slightly. Makes me look nerdy but hey, better than being bald right? Sigh, the troubles with hair. The family is having a steamboat today and my parents are inviting their friends while I'm laying here all sick and feverish. But I guess that comfort food wouldn't harm me in my state right now.

Stay tuned please! New look for the blog and tons of exciting things are going to happen here! *smooches*


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