Monday, July 29, 2013

Demi Lovato in Singapore

Flashback : 18th March 2013

Anyone who is close to me will definitely know that I am a fan of Demi Lovato. And to my luck, I actually overheard that she was coming to Singapore for a gig(not a full-blown concert). I would never have known unless Jewel mentioned it at the family BBQ. She was pestering her mom(my aunt) for her credit card so she could get the tickets the day it was out, which was coincidentally that day too! So I voiced out on how much I love her and her voice and my aunt decided to get me a ticket too *gasp* and that's when she got Chermaine a ticket too so the three of us could go together!


I can never forget that night! Though I wasn't near the stage but I managed to get good shots even though I literally had to raise my arms till they're straight while tip-toeing, I managed to get some good shots that I've very satisfied with considering I was just jumping to her music the whole time and singing(screaming, more like it)along to her songs.

This will probably be my best and most favorite shot of her yet.

I hope you like my censor on my face. I really looked like crap so I had no choice but to cover it up with a really cute face of Finn :3 Anyway, the guy behind me was a total douche. He was literally acting cool the whole time and tried to pick up a french(I think!) girl, which he failed. He also kept complaining that my camera was blocking his view when he was so much taller than me & didn't even look happy to be there and hear Demi sing. If you want to act cool, I think you picked the wrong place. You're at a Demi Lovato gig for fuck sake - how much cool points do you want to gain there by acting all "too cool for this shit"!? Answer : 0

P.S : Not that going to DL's gig is not cool but the guy obviously came with the wrong agenda at a wrong place.


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