Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Marina Bay Sands

I have to say, the new panorama mode that comes with the iOS 6 is truly amazing. So dead simple but so fucking awesome. Though there might be a glitch in the second panorama photo(because I moved the camera too slow) I'm still so smitten by it! Makes me go 'Ooooo' every single time.

Baked some banana chocolate chip muffins for my friends and I'm really glad they liked it! Enjoyed my blue cheese burger at Hippopotamus though the steaks they offer aren't that good and it was dry(all 3 of them ordered steaks!). It's sad to see a restaurant that have a menu 3/4 filled with steaks but the steaks ain't good at all. Why bother?

Needless to say the infinity pool was such a stunner. I wish I could go back soon and spend the day just basically soaked in either water from the pool or the bathtub in the room while reading a book and just relaxing.


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